Officers Page

The officers of Illinois Gold Seekers would like to extend a very grateful Thank-You to all of it’s members who attended our meetings and outings in 2015. We would also like to extend to those who have not yet attended one of our meetings or outings an invitation to join us. We charge no dues or fees and you do not have to be a GPAA member to attend. This is starting ourĀ 4th year as a chapter, and hope that you will become a part of our group.

At our sept., meeting we held nominations for officers, and due to default, the following officers were nominated and due to no other nominations the following officers were elected…Ben Nicholson-Pres.,…Bob-V.P….Arlan McCool-Treasurer…Steve Griffith-Supply, points guy, Purchasing agent….Don Thien-Claims dirtecter….The office of secretary has been vacated (with great sadness) and is open…if interested, please let us know. These officers are volunteering their time and effort to Illinois Gold Seekers, and these are 2 yr terms.