Equipment  has become available to the members for our outings, we have a hand crank trommel, a sluice box, and a Gold Cube, available for use. As this is quite a bit of equipment at our disposal for use by the members it was suggested that when we have an outing that we be notified in advance if anyone is interested in the use of any of these items so that they can be provided and transported to the outing. This is to reduce the amount of transport space so that those members bringing these items have room for their own supplies.

2016 was an off year for us due to the heavy amount of rain that kept us out of the creeks. We did manage to have a couple outings. We are optimistic that 2017 will be more forgiving to our prospecting.

the treasure hunt last year was enthusiastically attended. However, this year, a new location, with a larger participation is in the works. Looks like this is going to be a multichapter treasure hunt with statewide participation. No definite date has been set yet, but we will keep you informed when the particulars are worked out.

We have a couple officer changes and the officers page will be updated after our March meeting.

A multichapter/state outing is being planned the 3rd  weekend in Sept. at Athens Michigan at the LDMA camp.